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If you have rooms in your house that are filled with junk or stuff you haven’t touched in years, it might be time to consider enlisting help from AAA Trash Be Gone. We can handle all your junk removal needs. From garages to attics and basements, we do it all. When you choose our professional garbage removal services, we take care of all the heavy lifting, loading, and hauling away trash, including everything from old appliances to broken furniture and other garbage.

Junk & Garbage Removal in the Tonawanda, Cheektowaga & Buffalo, NY areas!

Trash can pile up quickly in your home, especially if a mess is left behind by the prior tenant or former building owner. Save the time, hassle, and inconvenience and let us haul your junk for you. We handle all garbage pickup, including furniture and appliance disposal, yard waste cleanup, household garbage, construction debris, and more.

We also handle those big cleaning projects you’ve been dreading. If you need assistance cleaning up the estate of a deceased loved one or a rental or foreclosed property, let us help.

By law you are responsible for the proper disposal of your trash, and that includes construction debris. Don’t put it off indefinitely; instead call a reliable, trustworthy junk removal company to handle the project. We can also properly dispose of all potentially hazardous substances in accordance with local regulations.

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